Friday, August 31, 2012

Strangers On Splash Mountain Part One

So this is the first installment in a series I have been hoping to do for awhile. This all started once when my friends and I found a gem of a photo of some random guy all alone in the front of Splash Mountain with no expression. Now every time I go if I find a funny photo, I hoard it for my collection. My friends even send me photos when they go. Of course these darlings are very rare so I only have three so far, but here is my collection as of right now.

This is what started it all. There is obviously someone behind this guy but I still can't help but smile whenever I see this photo. I can only imagine what this guy is doing right now. I also don't understand why no one else was in this log. The line wasn't terribly long but there were still people that could have gone on it.

Now this one was much funnier in person and I apologize for the light spots but in the photo you can obviously see a very happy family. The two boys...and the mom...who is unconscious? Scared? I don't know but I do see that her son is holding onto her. If he let go she probably wouldn't be able to sit up. 
Now this one my friend sent me. I'm not sure who I like more in this photo. The guy who well...I don't know what he's doing but he's obviously very into it. The guy in front of him...once again..I'm left speechless. 

I know this may seem bad because I'm taking pictures of Strangers on Splash Mountain...but they knew their picture was going to be on display. I am very aware that every time I take a silly picture on a ride that someone may take a picture of it and post it somewhere (hey I would if I saw my pictures sometimes). Maybe only I find it funny but these are the pictures that make my Disney trips even more fun. 

Soon enough I will post pictures of my ride photos (of course separated by rides). As you can see this is only Splash Mountain photos (of strangers). Next week maybe I'll do my own of this ride. This one tends to be the best picture taking ride anyway. 

So what are your thoughts of these photos?


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  1. The last one is my favorite!

    I love seeing all the different ones of people playing board games on Splash Mountain.