Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Home

While this one will be for more in depth posts made by me personally I am currently also running another easier to access site with a friend documenting our adventures together more specifically and our road to Disney.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Strangers On Splash Mountain Part One

So this is the first installment in a series I have been hoping to do for awhile. This all started once when my friends and I found a gem of a photo of some random guy all alone in the front of Splash Mountain with no expression. Now every time I go if I find a funny photo, I hoard it for my collection. My friends even send me photos when they go. Of course these darlings are very rare so I only have three so far, but here is my collection as of right now.

This is what started it all. There is obviously someone behind this guy but I still can't help but smile whenever I see this photo. I can only imagine what this guy is doing right now. I also don't understand why no one else was in this log. The line wasn't terribly long but there were still people that could have gone on it.

Now this one was much funnier in person and I apologize for the light spots but in the photo you can obviously see a very happy family. The two boys...and the mom...who is unconscious? Scared? I don't know but I do see that her son is holding onto her. If he let go she probably wouldn't be able to sit up. 
Now this one my friend sent me. I'm not sure who I like more in this photo. The guy who well...I don't know what he's doing but he's obviously very into it. The guy in front of him...once again..I'm left speechless. 

I know this may seem bad because I'm taking pictures of Strangers on Splash Mountain...but they knew their picture was going to be on display. I am very aware that every time I take a silly picture on a ride that someone may take a picture of it and post it somewhere (hey I would if I saw my pictures sometimes). Maybe only I find it funny but these are the pictures that make my Disney trips even more fun. 

Soon enough I will post pictures of my ride photos (of course separated by rides). As you can see this is only Splash Mountain photos (of strangers). Next week maybe I'll do my own of this ride. This one tends to be the best picture taking ride anyway. 

So what are your thoughts of these photos?


Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Favorite Disneyland Memory To Date

There are many memorable things that happen to me at Disneyland. It may be the fact that even though every trip is wonderful, my friends and I always try to differentiate them by doing fun and quirky things. Sometimes we bring beards to the park, other times we bring baby dolls (Upcoming posts about those later). This so happens to be my favorite memory to date and it was actually my last perhaps every new trip becomes my new favorite- which is definitely not a bad thing. 
A very lonely queue for Indy.
On this particular trip I was at the park from about 1 pm to closing. Around 11:40 my friends and I decided to do Indiana Jones. This was a ride we were trying to ride as often as possible this summer because in September it's closing for refurbishments for three to four months. Of course the line was only 15 minutes, probably due to the time and the fact that the park was no longer in the summer season.  

It only took a few minutes in line for the lights to turn on though. Being a Disney aficionado, I knew the ride had broken down (when the lights go from its usual dimmed to bright it means there's a problem). It was down for about five minutes and everyone behind us had left but I had convinced my friends to stay. When rides break down, the line gets cut off because no one knows at first how long the ride will be down for. But our group toughed it out anyway. As soon as the lights were back to dim we realised we were the last in the line (the cast members had closed off the line due to the park closing after that). Anyone in line even after closing will be able to ride the ride they're in line for before leaving. 
Us passing the time by feeding our baby Walt to a very suspicious snake.

So our journey through the queue continued. We waited a few good minutes from the start of the temple (the first part of the line is outside) so we could run through the empty line playing real life Temple Run (if you ever get the opportunity it's pretty fun). Soon enough we were up in the front when we took the left side of the line. We had caught up with the fifteen or so people that were waiting to board the ride. The side we picked was going through quickly though so when we went up I politely asked if we could be the last to ride Indiana Jones (our main intentions for staying in line after the ride had originally broken down). So after about three minutes of loading we were placed in a jeep with about five other cast members. Cast members are what the workers are called at the park if anyone was wondering.
Us anticipating our last ride for the night. We were pretty excited as you can tell!

While chatting up one of the cast members we learned that each night they have to ride Indy to see if the show effects are working properly. So there we were, the only people left in Indiana Jones, riding through with the workers. My group tends to bring a baby doll when we go as a gag so we had it driving us around in the front of the jeep, a good setup for plenty of jokes. By the end of the ride we were back in the loading area and the lights were all on and we were able to see the front of the ride's hidden secrets. It was then we left slowly appreciating how deserted the ride was. Which, if you've ever been to Disneyland, you'd know it's a rare sight.
My wonderful friend Dani, posing for our after ride excitement as the only visitors still here.
So yeah, this is probably my favorite memory to date, though it probably wasn't THAT special. I just know I always have a good time with the group of friends I go with and we try to make all our trips super magical. I think the fact that the ride is closing very soon made this even more special because I'm not sure if I'll get to ride it again before it reopens. This felt like a good goodbye for now. Until next time..
A very empty entrance to Indiana Jones. Bye Indy.